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In April 2010, Caroline Bedale lost her appeal against the disciplinary charges, although the ‘sentence’ was reduced from 8 years to 5 years ban from union office.

Her treatment by UNISON is somewhat different from the way that those who broke UNISON’s rules in the case which Caroline took to the Certification Officer (see below).  No disciplinary action was taken against them, and one of them has recently been appointed to a full-time official post in the North West Region.

Certification Officer Case

You may also be interested to read the decision of the Certification Officer in a complaint that Caroline took against the Manchester local government branch of UNISON – look in ‘Documents’ under ‘Categories’.  It should be on the Certification Office website (; the case is Bedale v UNISON, no. D/7/10).  Caroline won the case – that the Manchester branch had used UNISON resources to promote particular candidates in the NEC elections in 2009, and so had broken UNISON rules.  We are waiting to hear if UNISON will take any action against those involved in organising and running the meeting: the senior regional lay officers Tony Caffery – Secretary of Regional Committee, and Diane Kelly – Regional Convenor, and NEC member Bob Oram

CAROLINE BEDALE from Manchester has been banned from  holding UNISON office for 5 years.
All charges related to the campaign to reinstate Karen Reissmann – who had been sacked by her employer (Manchester Mental Health Trust and Social Care Trust) – and who was supported by UNISON in this campaign, not just for reinstatement to her job but for the right for trade unionists to speak out against cuts and privatisation.
Caroline Bedale has been found guilty by a UNISON Disciplinary Committee of charges relating to things she did after UNISON withdrew legal assistance from Karen Reissmann, just before Karen’s case was due to be heard by an Employment Tribunal.  The disciplinary penalty means she will be barred from holding union office for 5 years.

Caroline has been a loyal and committed UNISON activist for many years.  She does not always agree with the leadership of UNISON and the direction it takes.  Some think this is one of the reasons why she has been disciplined and banned for 5 years.

If you are concerned about this:

– stand up and fight for public services

– build the union

– stand up for Caroline Bedale


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